Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AHH. Is it just me...

...or are we all just a little starved for new information about the 3DS and upcoming titles?

Sure, there's Zelda - and don't get me wrong it's a Day 1 purchase - but damn it all why is E3 so far away?! I'm already kind really hyped for the Nintendo keynote (Sorry MS/Sony... I'll be watching, but the Big N has me all worked up). Next-gen Wii rumors... And you have to assume Nintendo is going to pull out all the stops for the 3DS as well.

I'm just going a little batty here... waiting. Hitting all the usual spots in hopes of some new nugget of information about the future of my beloved new 3DS.

In the meantime I should beat Street Fighter 4 3D again, and get my ass in gear with Shadow Wars.

On the subject of Shadow Wars, I've at last come face to face with a black screen crash. Happened out of nowhere on my 2nd attempt at a mission - and it was rather annoying (Yes, my 3DS has the current firmware).

Pilotwings 3DS is, thus far, an enjoyable and relaxing excursion. I'm chipping away at the missions in between periods of distraction by the free flight mode. I think the glider is my favorite of the aircrafts so far - it has a neat mechanic where you're able to see updrafts (which are key for any long flight), and you can get pretty high up in that glider (I've topped out around 2.5k feet or so as of this writing).

If Nintendo doesn't at least *tease* a new proper Advance Wars title for the 3DS at E3 (and a new Battalion Wars game does NOT CUT IT) - I will be very disappointed.

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