Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Sonic Generations gameplay footage

Here's an unfortunately blurry, yet long video showing off the hybrid game style of Sonic Generations:

Look, i really want to get super excited for this (I do, really!) - But I know the Sonic Cycle all too well... It's just almost too good to be true. But that said, we've got old school meets new school Sonic game play (this could either be really awesome or totally horrible)and no hint of any friends (Tails and Knuckles are always welcome in my dojo).

Don't fuck this up Sega.

(ps- Sonic 4 Episodes 2? is this even going to happen?)

In other news, I managed to score 3 StreetPass tags the other night (standing around a GameStop when people are picking up pre-orders was a good idea!). Two of said tags also had Street Fighter 4 data. I won both figure matches, then promptly blew about 8,000FP on Figure Slots. Once the 3DS reaches critical mass StreetPass is going to be a pretty slick functionality. I'm really excited to see what is in store for this functionality.

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