Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RAGEFACE: PSN outage - day 7 - What you need to know

So, now that we can expect some level of service on PSN "within a week", here are the key bulklet points you NEED to be aware of:

- First off, if you've happened to use the same email/password combo for ANY other website, service, etc - Change that password ASAP.

- Second, When PSN does come back online - Change that password ASAP

- Third, Keep a close eye on your statements from which ever bank or credit card you've had on file with Sony. This part kind of sucks because it's not really a quick and easy fix, and I know I'll be on edge for months...

All I know is I am *very* hesitant to keep my CC info with Sony right now. Hopefully now that this has caught the attention of Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, and by extension the US Federal Government, maybe Sony will be more keen on keeping us end users in the loop as this goes on.

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