Wednesday, May 11, 2011

E3 Wishlist/Predictions

With E3 just under a month away, I figured it might be fun to make up a sort of wishlist of things I'd like to see there. I have no actual insider knowledge, so please treat this like the fanboy speculation that it is.

First up, let's talk about Sony (we are going to ignore the current issues with PSN for this write-up):

I imagine the NGP will take center stage at Sony's keynote. I'd really like to hear a solid release date and retail price for this next-gen handheld (not to mention expected retail price of the software). In terms of games, I'd like to see the progress with the Uncharted and Resistance NGP builds. Also, it might be a perfect time to tease a God of War title for the both the NGP (this would undoubtedly create a ton of hype) and PS3 (c'mon, you don't REALLY think God of War 3 was the end, do you?! This AAA franchise isn't going anywhere).

Oh and Warhawk 2/Starhawk/whatever you want to call it - This will be a Day 1 purchase for me and some of my gamer pals. Make this happen Sony! You have no idea how much I miss playing Warhawk on the ps3....

Isn't it about time we start hearing about Grand Theft Auto 5?

I'm also really hoping that this will be the year Sony really starts to flood the US with classic PS1 games via PSN - Japan seems to get all the love.

Onto Microsoft!

I'm really starting to think MS may end up at the least - teasing a next generation Xbox. Maybe in the form of pre-recorded/rendered video - all in an effort to take a little wind out of Nintendo's sails.

Kinect may take up quite a bit of MS' Keynote (with any luck this year, Kinect will *ahem* connect with hard core gamers. Yeah, sorry about that), but I doubt it'll dominate the event like last year.

I'd really love to see a new Left 4 Dead title. I also will not be shocked if a little game called Modern Warfare 3 gets initially teased by MS due to the existing DLC agreement between MS and Activision. I wonder if we'll get any hints about the OTHER Call of Duty games Activision has in the works.

I'll be shocked if there isn't something Halo related at E3. Be it the rumored remake of Halo: CE or a proper Halo 4... E3 would be the time to let that cat out of the bag.

Oh and can we please get 5.1 audio support for the Netflix app on the 360? Please?

Anyway, On to Nintendo!

This is kind of the whole reason I started writing this piece, but as we all know by now, Nintendo is unveiling their next-generation system "Project Cafe" at E3.

From what I've gathered, this system is set to launch in 2012 and will be playable on the floor of E3.

The #1 item on my Nintendo wish list? Strong 3rd party support for Project Cafe. I want to see Epic on board with it's Unreal Engine - this will be huge and would serve to attract even more 3rd parties.

I want to see strong support for a more classic style of controls (Not that I'm wanting Nintendo to ditch the Wii style motion control, I just don't want developers to be discouraged from using a classic control scheme).

I want to see Project Cafe using a system for online game play that is at least on par with the 3DS. 3DS/Project Cafe interoperability is a must.

I'd also really love to see Project Cafe come with an on-board Ethernet port in addition to the assumed WiFi.

In terms of software - I'd like to see the usual gang at least teased - Mario, Zelda, Metroid. Smash Brothers and Mario Kart would also be really really cool.
I'm also crossing my fingers that a 3DS Advance Wars is in the works... PLEASE let this be so. More details regarding Super Mario 3DS would also be wonderful.

So there you have it, my E3 Wishlist. I'm sure I'll think of about one hundred other things just as soon as i publish this...

(One more time - this post is 100% pure fanboy speculation. I have no inside sources and do not wish to lead anyone on into thinking I do.)

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  1. Too bad nobody will be able to play Warhawk because PSN is never coming back up :P