Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rage to include mod tools "out of the box"

You don't see THIS every day!

Speaking to PC Gamer at a recent press event, Id Creative Director Tim Willits revealed that the PC version of Rage will support modding and level design right out of the box

id has always held a special place in my gaming heart - Wolf3d and Doom were pretty mind blowing (I *know* you all feel the same) - and i think this is a REALLY rad move.

Wouldn't it be nice if more game studios were like this?!

Anyway - to access the modding tools:

All you need to do, says Tim, is “Pull down the console, type ‘id studio’, then press enter. Then, bam, there’s all the tools we use.”

I wonder if this will support any sort of plug-ins or any sort of community sourced additions - this could be REALLY wicked!

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