Sunday, May 29, 2011

RUMOR TIME: Sony's NGP to be called "PS Vita"?

Well the rumors are flying regarding the NGP's official retail name. Seems some crafty people have been digging around some domain registrars and have uncovered the domain name, not to mention some pictures of the hardware with this new name - PS Vita.

This could be a Photoshop job, or it may not - we'll undoubtedly know more in a little over a week.

PS Vita... I'm not feeling the name honestly. If given the choice, I'd have advised Sony to stick with NGP over PS Vita. For those curious - Vita is latin for life, as well as another name for the second letter in the Greek alphabet (Beta). Either one of these definitions make sense as I'm assuming Sony does want this portable to be a key part of your mobile life - as well as the fact it's the 2nd portable they've come up with.

At the end of the day, again, if this beast of a handheld has a retail price below $399 I will be shocked.

(Please take this post as rumor and speculation - more official information will undoubtedly come to light at E3)

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