Monday, May 9, 2011

Uh oh.

What the ...

Some members of retailer GameStop's Power-Up Rewards Program received an e-mail today outlining a new deal that will net purchasers $100 off a brand-new PlayStation 3. As a "members-only exclusive," the e-mail states that 160 and 320 GB PS3s can be purchased using a special coupon members have access to, cutting $100 off the purchase price.



  1. Is this "yikes" because it doesn't bode well for Sony, or "yikes" that it smells scam-like?

    Frankly, $100 off would bring a PS3 into my price range lol.


  2. The "yikes" is because this doesn't bode well for Sony... If the PS3 is suddenly forced down in price by $100usd due to these sorts of offers and the PSN outage, it will not work out to Sony's advantage.