Monday, May 23, 2011

Xbox 360 to join the 3D club

According to Eurogamer - Microsoft will announce Stereoscopic 3D support for the 360, possibly at E3. Here's the scoop:

Full stereoscopic 3D is set to hit the Xbox 360, Eurogamer can reveal.

This stereo 3D support works exactly like the PlayStation 3's 3D effect. In other words, full-on HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic 3D in the 1280x1470 twin 720p framebuffer configuration.

This would mean a 720p image per eye.

When asked for information on this planned improvement, a source familiar with Xbox 360 development hinted at an E3 announcement.

I'm hardly surprised at this news, mostly because this has been one feature the PS3 has had over the 360 for a while now. I wonder what titles will support this functionality?

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