Friday, June 24, 2011

REVIEW: Custom Nintendo 3DS case by whataboutki

So earlier in the month, I was alerted to these nifty custom (and hand made!) Nintendo 3DS cases made by a gent in New Zealand by the handle of whataboutki. He's set up a little shop on Etsy (here is a link to his shop - go look!!!).

As soon as I set eyes on one that was fashioned after a NES control pad, I knew that I needed to quickly part with my $20usd plus $5usd for shipping for it.

So, after placing my order and waiting patiently (coming from half way around the world, I could NOT complain), my 3DS case arrived today.

And let me tell you, I really couldn't be happier. It's simple, it's unique, and best of all - it went towards a worthy cause. As I came to understand after i placed my order, whataboutki was making and selling these cases as a means to bring in some income after the major earthquake in Christchurch, NZ caused him some hardship.

I'm really impressed with the fine stitching, not to mention the quality of the design on the actual cloth. There's even a pouch for your AR cards in the case! And of course, whataboutki has *many* super nerdy designs in his shop - you'd be hard pressed to run into someone else with the exact same case.

Overall, this case is easily on par with, and in many ways surpasses any commercial 3DS case on the market today. It's not the sort of item you should expect to arrive overnight, but I feel it's well worth the wait to stand out among the crowd. Please visit whataboutki's Etsy shop, and if you find something that tickles your fancy - BUY IT!

This is the first product to officially get the Pixelated Palace Seal of Approval:

It's a 10/10 - 5 stars - A+ - however you like your ratings, this is the best of the best. Do not hesitate to buy one!

UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that whataboutki's girlfriend has a large part in making these cases as well. Fantastic work, the both of you! I know my friends will be super jealous!

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