Thursday, July 28, 2011

WTF: Nintendo 3DS to drop to $170 8/12/2011

Overnight Nintendo made some rather large 3DS announcements. First, as of August 12st 2011, the 3DS will retail for $169.99. Second, NES and GBA games are confirmed to be added to the Virtual Console.

Early 3DS adopters who purchase before August 12th, will be entitled to *20* free games from the eShop.

That offer comes in the form of ten NES Virtual Console games (including classics like Zelda and Super Mario Bros.), which will be available after September 1, and ten Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games (like Yoshi's Island and Metroid Fusion), which will be available a little later.

Wow, this sure came out of nowhere. A price cut this soon in the system's life cycle has me rather worried, but maybe it will provide the 3DS with a big shot in the arm (not to mention some distance between itself and the PS Vita price-wise).

While I am overjoyed at the free titles and the NES/GBA addition to the VC library, I fear that Nintendo expected an instant hit with the 3DS and has yet to see the results they desire. I just hope this doesn't lead to the 3DS "failing" and being withdrawn from the market. This system has loads of potential that has yet to be fully tapped, and it would be a shame to see such a nice bit of compact hardware be rushed off the market so soon.

There seems to be a catch 22 in place with the 3DS. Hardware sales have been slow due to the limited software out there, and software has been slow to appear due to sluggish hardware sales. Maybe this price drop is just what the 3DS needs.

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