Monday, November 21, 2011

WTF: So yeah...

Any of you who follow the twitter feed connected to this blog may have been noticing some odd posts recently.

I might as well explain whats going on!

I am in the process of moving Pixelated Palace to another blog service and platform. The good news is that I've purchased a domain name and already started the process of getting things set up. From what I've been told by my #1 Blog Adviser Terry using the domain name and moving to this blog to another platform will really only help me get the word out and simply be seen be more like-minded people.

This is a pretty sweet gain, right?

The bad news is I seem to be unable to import any existing posts into this new platform. These posts will live on at the current url pretty much until I can either import them into the new blog, or Google suddenly decides it's cleaning out blogger/blogspot blogs.

Does anyone actually think that 2nd option will happen any time soon? Yeah... I didn't think so.

SO! Anyone who'd like to get a jump on things, and take a sneak peek over at the VERY STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION blog - Feel free to take a look, update your bookmarks and RSS feeds... whatever! The design right now is 100% temporary as I get a feel for this new set up (I think it's safe to say, we're going to tumblr). With any luck, it'll be looking awesome in no time. Then we will officially launch and posting here will stop.

(If by chance you're reading this and not someone inside my whole social/social media circle - Please follow me to the new site! I will not be changing the sorts of things I post - just where I post them! I'd love to have you continue to read!)

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