Sunday, April 4, 2010

Handhelds and the future of gaming

I've had this theory that the current gen handheld game systems were a bit of a testing ground for the then next generation home systems.

I also feel some what vindicated with what we ended up with (Look at the ds and then the wii. Both radical departures from the traditional with the touch then motion controls. With the psp and the ps3 I saw that more as a proving ground for the xmb and various media functionality, not to mention local storage media in addition to the game media. Anyway...). Now it seems Nintendo has teased the Nintendo 3DS - and Nintendo has gone on record as feeling that a Wii HD isn't a big enough innovation to make next gen hardware.

A Wii 3D on the otherhand? Nintendo is flush with cash and crazy enough to try it.

I wonder what Sony has in store for the proper PSP sucsessor? (well, besides a ps3 style hypervisor hah!)

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  1. Videogames left me behind long ago. Control schemes got complicated enough to require some RTFMing. Time investments shifted from 5 minutes after school to 5 hours. A lot of titles required additional Internet subscriptions to really get any playing life out of them. So by default, my only real options are dead consoles and whatever Nintendo decides to do.
    That said, I am glad they are forging ahead with tech development. Whatever they decide to do, there is a near-absolute guarantee the right app to make use of it will follow. Well unless of course their 3ds turns out to be a Virtual Boy with a Powerglove interface and an advertising tagline along the lines of "NINTENDO DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES! PLAY YOU !@#$ers!"