Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nintendo E3 Keynote Digest

That my friends, is how you do an E3 keynote!

There's a lot to get through, so let's run down the list real quick here:

- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- NBA Jam
- Mario Sports Mix
- Wii Party
- Just Dance 2
- Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
- Epic Mickey
- Kirby's Epic Yarn
- Dragon Quest 9
- Metroid: Other M

and the big one... The Nintendo 3DS!

I am really blown away with the 3DS right now. Kid Icarus Uprising is a launch title and holy CRAP do those graphics looks awesome! We're talking Gamecube level here people! Nintendo has promised "ample game content at the outset", and has made it compatible with the DSi. 3 total cameras - 2 front facing for 3d pictures, and one player facing camera. 3.5in widescreen display on top, touch screen on the bottom. Motion sensor, gyro sensor and it can play 3D movies.

Nintendo also has something up their sleeves in terms of online functionality (more on that later once i dig around).

20 companies on board with the 3DS and some IMPRESSIVE names were tossed around for titles. Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Saints Row, Kingdom Hearts, Madden...

This is crazy! I really hope this is a sign of the direction Nintendo is taking. With everyone else (so far) focused on the casual market, Nintendo has managed to knock one out of the park for the hard core gamer. Nintendo also apparently has 3DS units on the floor to "test drive"...

Simply Crazy!

Anyway, Sony's keynote is coming up in about an hour and a half. Expect another post ;)

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