Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sony E3 Keynote Digest

Sorry for the delay with this one, but here goes!

- High Def 3D is Sony's vision of the future. "What PlayStation did for Blu-ray, we're now going to do it for 3D as well." 20 native 3D titles are expected by March 2011.

- Killzone 3 was demo'ed, in 3D. This game is looking pretty sick!

- Many many big titles listed as supporting 3d, including Gran Turismo 5.

- Sly Cooper collection was announced (a la God of War Collection)

- Playstation Move had quite the showing - the fact that the entire Move setup will run you $30 less than Kinect, AND will include a game is pretty huge.

- A title called Sorcery was demo'ed with Move. The Move wand and the navigation stick were used to move the character around and cast spells. I wonder if the last Harry Potter games will support this?!

- Tiger Woods 11 w/ Move support - nothing shocking there.

- A new Move title - Heroes on the Move - includes a ton of 1st party characters (Rachet, Jak, etc)

- Kevin Butler gave an epic speech! "Because every gamer is a true gamer. Motion gamers. Sitting gamers. And even though we may pledge allegiance to different flags, we all serve one king, one master... and his name is gaming! Forever may he reign!"

- Move will hit retail September 19th in North America with many many options - $49.99 for the Move wand, $19.99 for the Navigation stick. $99.99 gets you the Sports Champion Bundle, which is a Move wand, and EyeSight camer, and the sports title they've been showing off. (Add the Navigation stick for the full move setup and you're looking at about $120 total)

- Time Crisis is a Move launch title!

- PSP was up next with God of War: Ghost of Sparta, inviZimals, EyePet and a new PSP spokesperson, Marcus. "We've got good kids playing bad games"

- Sony announced a replica of their E3 booth will be in Home (meh)

- Little Big Planet 2 was shown, nothing terribly surprising there.

- And at last as rumored - premium PSN. PlayStation Plus will cost $49.99 a year and provide early access to demos, dlc and betas. As a GAP member that last bit really chaps my ass. Sony is claiming hundreds of dollars worth of content will be provided to Plus members. Cross game chat also has been anounced - One plus member can have 3 other non-plus members within the group chat. Once all Plus members leave, the chat is disbanded. Kind of bittersweet.

- Exclusive Medal of Honor beta for the ps3 - July 21st.

- Dead Space 2 will support Move - the limited edition of the game will also include Dead Space Extraction previously on the Wii.

- Now this was sort of huge... Portal 2 was announced for the PS3. PLEASE PLEASE let this lead to more Valve games on the PS3! There is no reason to deny PS3 only gamers they joys of Valve games.

- Final Fantasy 14 Online was shown.

- Lots of exclusive DLC for the following PS3 titles: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Final Fantasy 14 Online, Mafia 2. AC Brotherhood multiplayer beta is a PS3 exclusive.

- Gran Turismo 5 has a release date at last! November 2nd 2010.

- inFamous 2 was shown in trailer form - new city, new ice powers

- And one last surprise.... TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!! I am wondering if this will be a disk release or PSN release. I'm leaning towards PSN.

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