Friday, April 29, 2011

Warhawk 2/Starhawk revealed next month?!

Oh MAN do I hope this is true!

...the third-person shooter is being build on a new engine, is to be released on disc instead of digitally like previous games in the series, and will contain a full single-player campaign with jeeps, tanks, and spaceships.

The maps will supposedly represent different planets with “small areas for ground combat,” in a universe Earth is not a part of.

3 Words: BRING. IT. ON!

Warhawk on the PS3 was one of the best multiplayer experiences on the PS3 for a long time. A sequel is a day 1 purchase for me, without a doubt.

Speaking of Warhawk - a friend and I were very sad to discover that no one seems to play it anymore. I had set up a game, and left it wide open for the public to join. Sadly, no one did. We sure as hell had a great time blasting each other out of the sky however.

Please let this rumor be true!

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