Monday, May 9, 2011

Current Gaming

Hey gang! So a friend recently clued me into the fact that one of my favorite quiz show games is back on modern consoles - You Don't Know Jack!

This used to be one of my favorite games to play on the old family computer - it was rude and over the top, but JUST enough where it didn't make the parents angry. Right off the bat I must tell you, not much has changed in terms of game play mechanics. You still answer multi-choice questions with anywhere form 1 to 4 people, and you still have things like the Jack Attack and the Screw. The difference now is it's very easy to play with friends online, and the questions are very current and topical.

I was also very pleased to find this title retailing for about $29.99 (thanks to a left over $10 gift card, i scored it for 19.99!). Any higher and the bang for the buck ratio might be a bit lopsided. Currently on the XBL store, there are 2 DLC question packs at 400points each. I went ahead and grabbed the first one (left over points from picking up the latest COD map pack - more on that in a minute), so I am pretty well stocked for questions.

When I got the game home, my wife and I tore right in and ended up losing track of about 2 hours. It's the sort of game that demands more than one player and will suck you into the "oh just one more round..." cycle with a smile on your face. This is a must-have for old school YDKJ fans, but I also feel it's a title worth your time and money if you enjoy quiz show type games (If you loved 1 vs 100 on XBL, check this out!)

In other news, the next COD: Black Ops map pack has been released. This time we get 5 black ops maps and one zombie map for our 1200points/$15.

I gotta be honest, I think I'm hitting the burnout phase with this game. It might be time to give it a rest on the shelf after i hit level 50.

We shall see!

'till next time...

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